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A lot of stuff will be locked, so let me know if you want to be added.

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(One of these thing is not like the other...)
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So... yeah. Figured I'd post this here if anyone came looking.

I'm currently spending 90% of my free time working on my original novel and studying Japanese. Might wander back to f!s and/or update fanfic some time... somewhen?

IDK. Overall doing good though.
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So yeah. Fic idea/thing; posting here so I can link

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NOTE TO SELF: falling asleep to the breeze of the trade winds is the best thing ever and don't ever forget it

NOTE TO SELF: become millionaire and buy houses in both Seattle (summer) and Hawaii (winter)
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Remember when I said I'd try to record myself more? Yeah.

Crappy recording on vocaroo when I try to sing On My Own by memory, forget half the words, and also it's 9:30pm so I'm trying not to sing too loud and disturb my bottom neighbor.

I am very conscious of inconveniencing bottom neighbors with noise now.

On My Own - http://vocaroo.com/i/s0biELTBkTt9

Also old thing that I never posted, but yeah, me singing-along with parts of Memory: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0DnnW7YrsGx
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I just wanted to delete four things dreamwidth. FOUR THINGS.

Why the hell would you make "DELETE ALL" more prominent than "DELETE SELECTED"?!?!?
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Regular People: 20g fish tank??? That's an awful lot of water...

Pet Store People: 20g fish tank? Hmm... that's not that much water...

Fuck both y'all.
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It is the unofficial vid/theme song of my newest fic, The Dalek Adventures of Oswin Oswald.


I blame you, nurse, for originally introducing the tool to me.
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(Not exaggerating. I was legit sobbing.)
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